Events – Upcoming

06.17-01.18  Le Corps Sonore, Rubin Museum, NYC. A collaboration between Sonami, Eliane Radigue and Bob Bielecki- the sound installation which occupies the 6 floors of the central spiral staircase is part of The World is Sound exhibit.

10-18-20-17 Issue Project Room - Performance of Eliane Radigue’s OCCAM IX and premiere of  OCCAM RIVER XVI with Carol Robinson and Rhodri Davies.

08.26.17 Pro Arts – Oakland – 8pm – Solo perf  +  Headboggle, Spellfish and Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt- for the the official release party for the mammoth 13 hour benefit compilation from Ratskin Records, titled

08.25.17 Adobe Backroom Gallery, SF - 7:30 Solo performance + Xtopher Davidson, Jim Haynes

05.11.17 Gassman Music Series – UCI- Solo concert (+ talks)

04.22-23.17 Don Buchla Memorial Concert @ Gray Area, SF (performance on 22)

03.31.17 Concert Meta Gesture Music @ Rich Mix, London

03.09.17 Solo Concert CIRMMT, Montreal

03.08.17 – Lecture  CIRMMT, Montreal

01.28.17 – 05.13.17 Installation of “Beauty Sessions” – Masculine-Feminine – Bealle Center for the Arts – Irvine

10.13.16 – Solo concert CCRMA, Stanford – Presenting solo work, OCCAM IX by Eliane Radigue, and a work by Paul DeMarinis for Sonami.

09.30.16 Sparrows and Ortolans – Duo performance with James Fei – Issue project Room ‘After 9 evenings” , Brooklyn, SF

06.10.16 Concert, Filodrammatika Gallery / Drugomore, Rijeka , Croatia

05.31.16 Concert- Atelier Neue Musik, 20hr – HFK, Dechanachstrasse, Bremen

05.23-24.16 Concert Occam IX dans le cadre du colloque international Eliane Radigue , la Sorbonne Paris

03.18.16 Sparrows and Ortolans – Duo performance with James Fei – The Lab – SF

02.18.16 Timeless Motion Performance with Jeanne Liotta – Somarts SF

02.17.16 Screening of Sara Eliassen ‘A Blank Slate‘ preceded by performance @ Kadist Foundation – SF

12.18.15 CROMT -Sussex University, Brighton. Concert & Seminar

12.2.15Goldsmith University, London – UK premiere of OCCAM IX

Radigue-Sonami working on OCCAM IX        (photo R. Sitoy)

07.11.15-08.02.15 Installation Sonore: Le parcours du Labyrinthe Sonore – Eliane Radigue & Laetitia Sonami, Fondation Cartier, Paris

06.01.15  Concert with  Eliane Radigue: the last of the lady’s glove Fondation Cartier , Paris

05.06.15 Performance, Amershams Arms-London

04.12.15 Palo Alto Art Center, 1:30pm & 3:30pm – “Sound Catcher” a sound environment for Kate Short The Oculus

04.10.15 7pm Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History Performance w/ Jacqueline Gordon

03.19.15 Little Nickys, Oakland 9:30pm- Sparrows and Ortolans (duo with James Fei)

01.08.15-01.30-15 Glamorgeddon @ SOMARTS- installation of Beauty Sessions-I and closing performance (01.30.15)