Sounds of Rijeka

 LAETITIA SONAMI - RIJEKA, CROATIA                         
 April-May 2011                                                                   
 under the auspices of the Musagetes Foundation                                                               contact: info@sonami.net

Voices of Rijeka

The Musagetes Foundation selected two artists, Matthew Mazzotta and Laetitia Sonami, to each create a project in Rijeka, Croatia. The projects were to reflect on this transitioning city and foster discussion and participation.

I proposed to identify, with the help of its community, the sound characteristics of Rijeka and “relocate” these sounds on the Pier which was recently made accessible.

The two sound installations, “Sound Gates” and “Invisible Sea” have been extended to the end of June.

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Documentation gathered prior and during the installations will be uploaded during the following months- last update:  June 5, 2011