Teaching –¬†Institutions

Hochschule fur Kunste (HFK), Bremen, Germany – DAAD Guest professor in Performance (April-Sept 2016) VIEW FILM of Final Project!

  • The Performance Novel
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier
  • Tutorials

San Francisco Art Institute – Senior Guest Lecturer (1999-present)

  • Critique Seminars and Tutorials
  • The Sonic Selfie
  • Activating the Now
  • Silence!
  • Sonic Occupation
  • Techno Performance
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier
  • Bodies as Sonic Messengers
  • Studio for Sound Strategies
  • Beyond Looking: Sound Spaces, Sound Cultures

Mills College Music Program / Tutorials (2007-present)
Bard MFA Summer Program (2004- present)

(info upcoming…)MILLS COLLEGE: “Chairs” OBERLIN: Stanford: