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NOTE: this is not a comprehensive list of artists, electronics, and catalogs.... it is intended as a way for me to keep notes and references in one place, and make it available to others at the same time---

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MAX-MSP& JITTER (You may want to join their listserv) Max objects data base

STEIM (SensorLab, Big Eye, Imagine, LiSa, junXion, and cool interfaces)

Super Collider: (free as of 10/02) (Mix audio, video, stills, flash, gif, animation - I never used it, do not know any one who does, but looks interesting...)

Wiring , Processing



Interfaces (in alphabetic order):

Arduino - (variation of arduino, Bare-Bones Board, is available at

BX24 , (Another smart way to interface your sensors, this is what I have been using / does multitasking) - This is a great link for data / schematics /info on the BX24 from a class offered at NYU:

Electrotap's Teabox

Eowave's Eobody

EZIO (analog to serial box - say they will release analog to USB soon)

The Gluion


La Kitchen (Toaster & Kroonde) (Cycling'74 distributes Kroonde in the US)


Eric Singer's MidiTron

Dan Overholt CUI board

Parallax (Home of the Basic Stamps)

PICs: some info on pics, some tutorials on pics...


SENSORS, PARTS, catalogs (Sorted Alphabetically):

Acroname (sonars, polaroid, pyroelectric sensor,... easy to use /with code for the Basic Stamps /BX 24):

All Electronics Corp This is a place in California that sells surplus electronic goods (good place for piezos). Tel. 1-800-826-5432, Fax 818-781-2653.

Amazon Electronics: (has the KC7783 PIR detector module - great / simpe to use motion detector, lots of kits too...)

American Science and Surplus "Incredible Stuff, Unbelievable Prices" is the motto of this wacky store in Chicago that sells surplus everything. Tel. 847-982-0870, Fax 800-934-0722.

C & H Sales Co. This is a place in California that is much like Surplus Center. Good prices. Tel. 1-800-325-9465, Fax 626-796-4875. c&

Conrad Electronics This is the leading source for just about everything electronic in Germany. They have an interesting array of sensors and microcontrollers, too, and ship overseas.

Digikey Corp This is a place in Minnesota that sells new electronic goods, with a very complete selection and a thorough on-line catalog in the form of pdf documents. Many sensors also available. Tel. 1-800-344-4539, Fax 218-681-338 http://

Electronix Express (can find mercury / tilt switches there -as of 3/03)

Electronic Goldmine

Entran Sensors & Electronics (pressure sensors, accelerometers...)

Farnell Components Farnell Components (Catalog out of UK)

Halted Specialties Co (electronics, prototyping supplies, computers,,, in Santa Clara/CA) :

Happ Controls: - (great for video games, interactive kiosks parts...)

Herbach & Rademan: Products for Science & Technology 1-800-848 8001

Home Security Systems (humidity, water, temperature sensors):

Hosfelt Electronics Corp, In Ohio. Tel. 1-800-524-6464, Fax 800-524-5414.

Images Scientific Instruments: Science, Robotics & Electronics (they have flex sensors too)

Infernal Devices: (proximity sensors...)

Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society:

InterLink Electronics Makers of force sensing resistors (pressure sensors). As far as I can tell, you can only buy them as part of the kit (.2 inch circle, .5 inch circle, 1.5 inch square and a 24 inch trimmable strip), though you may ask for samples...?

Jameco Electronic Components Corp. In California, sells new electronic goods, with many useful kits and components, including computers and parts, as well as sensors (have flex sensors but more expenive than JDR ) . Tel. 1-800-831-4242, Fax 800-23- 6948 International Fax 650-592-2503.

Jaycar Electronics Parts, numerous kits (they have the theremin kit)

JDR Micro devices (have flex sensors)

LiveWire This is an electroluminescent fiber, about 1/8" in diameter, that looks kind of like neon, but is flexible and can be run off batteries. Available in many different colors. Tel. 718-544-4400, 1-888-LIVEWIRE, Fax 718-575-3668.

Marlin P. Jones & Associates, Inc. This is a place in Florida that sells surplus electronic goods, sometimes wacky stuff, lots of power supplies, motors, some sensors. Good prices. Tel. 1-800-625-6733,561 848 8236 Fax 800-432-9937. (Have $10 sensors that will work with the icube. part # 7860-KT PIR Detector Module )

NASA Instrument and Sensing Technology :

Piezo Kit: Measurement Specialties, Inc./ Sensor Production Division, 950 Forge Ave - Norristown PA 19403 tel: 610-650 1500 (great kit with doc / data sheets....)

Qprox: capacitance based sensors

Servo motors and more! Servocity:

Small Parts "Hardware store for researchers and developers"

Surplus Center This is a place in Nebraska that sells surplus electronic goods, transformers, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and valves, motors, some heavy duty. Good prices. Tel. 1-800-488-3407, Fax 402-474-5198.

Ultrasonic sensors: http: //

Zach's site:

PLUS: Tutorials, and supplies for many projects involving: Robotics, Speech Recognition, Holography, Superconductors, EcoSpheres, Science Supplies and Kits, and more. (you can find the flex sensors there):




Silicon Vally Electronic Surplus stores :

Foothill College Flea Market:

Triangle Machinery and Tool Co. 1051 Commercial Ct. San Jose, CA 95112 (408) 452-8666

Mike Quinns Electronics in Oakland

in LA:
TRW Swapmeet - meets every last saturday of the month, 7am-11am. located in Redondo Beach, corner of Aviation and Marine


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