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wires and cords

June 2020- my 1980 PAIA/Curtis chip synth resurrected and working!

(Not so) Current News

“Le Corps Sonore”  , a sound installation by Eliane Radigue, Laetitia Sonami and Bob Bielecki for the Rubin Museum – NYC, on view till January 2018
Spiral Magazine
View recent Film of Sonami’s HFK class project: Breaking the Sound Barrier, Bremen

Contemporary Music Review- June 2016 Front Cover

Kadenze class by Rebecca Fiebrink “Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists” is launched (02.16)! (with Sonami as guest lecturer demonstrating machine learning with the Spring Spyre)
Sue-C and Sonami start work on a third live film performance based on Calvino’s “Cosmicomics”

face and hand with lettering

The ear goes to the sound “ – A documentary on Sonami’s work by Renetta Sitoy is now out on DVD


2 women seated talking

Radigue- Sonami – Preparation du Labyrinthe Sonore  & rehearsal of OCCAM IX for the  Cartier Foundation, June 2015.