MusikTexte 134 (2012) Laetitia Sonami


Eliane Radigue et Laetitia Sonami @ Fondation Cartier (2015)

the ear goes to the sound – Documentary by rsitoy (2014)

Building relationships with the lady’s glove -Cycling’74, interview by SUE-C (2006)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (1990’s)

Roulette TV (1990’s)

Noisy People – DVD by Tim Perkis (2006)


Clubism #1 Radio Podcast– Nov.2023 -Play and interview with Hugo Lioret and Carreidas – Nathan Marie (en francais) – discussing the crossovers between experimental music, dj music, club music, research…

WNYC August 2017 – with curator Risha Lee, Laetitia Sonami, and sound designer Bob Bielecki

Laetitia Sonami + Rebecca Fiebrink – Array (2018)

Keep Breaking Things – ozobot (2018)

Decay Cast (2007) – Interview with Jsun McArthy and Mike Dadonna

Jerry Hunt (1993): On the work and work procedure of Laetitia Sonami

Other Minds – Interview with Charles Amirkhanian


Laetitia Sonami Contemporary Music Review
Contemporary Music Review. June 2016, Front Cover.

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