Past Events


02.22.18 Techsonics XVIII – The University of Virginia, Charlottesville

03.28-04.03.18 Machine Learning and Synthesis Research Group – Normandy, France

06.07-07.18 Codame Art + Tech Festival – San Francisco, CA

06.21.18 San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum – San Francisco, CA

08.28.18 Berkeley Art Museum with Maggi Payne – Berkeley, CA

10.19.18 Constellation Solo Show – Chicago, IL

10.26.18 Fort Mason Performance section of Sofie Ramos’ Space to Breath – San Francisco, CA

11.3.18 Mills College with James Fei, John Bischoff and Zeena Parkins – Oakland, CA

12.7.18 Adobe Books with Wobbly – San Francisco, CA

12.9.18 Stasis Fesival – Pro Arts, Oakland, CA


06.17-01.18  Le Corps Sonore. Rubin Museum, New York City, NY
A collaboration between Sonami, Eliane Radigue and Bob Bielecki. A sound installation that occupies the 6 floors of the central spiral staircase. Part of The World is Sound exhibit.

10.18-20.17 Issue Project Room – Performance of Eliane Radigue’s OCCAM IX and premiere of OCCAM RIVER XVI with Carol Robinson and Rhodri Davies.

08.26.17 Pro Arts – Oakland, CA. Solo Performance +  Headboggle, Spellfish and Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt. For the the official release party for the mammoth 13 hour benefit compilation from Ratskin Records titled, ROGUE PULSE / GRAVITY COLLAPSE!

08.25.17 Adobe Backroom Gallery Solo Performance. Plus Xtopher Davidson and Jim Haynes

05.11.17 Gassman Electronic Music Series Solo concert (+ talks) – University of California, Irvine, CA

04.22-23.17 Don Buchla Memorial Concert – Gray Area, San Francisco, CA

03.31.17 Concert Meta Gesture Music at Rich Mix – London, England

03.09.17 Solo Concert at CIRMMT – Montreal Canada

03.08.17 Lecture at CIRMMTMontreal, Canada

01.28.17 – 05.13.17 Installation of Beauty Sessions. Masculine-Feminine – Bealle Center for the Arts, Irvine, CA


10.13.16 Solo concert CCRMA Stanford – Presentation of solo work, OCCAM IX by Eliane Radigue, and a work by Paul DeMarinis for Sonami.

09.30.16 Sparrows and Ortolans – Duo performance with James Fei – Issue Project Room After 9 Evenings, Brooklyn, NY

06.10.16 Concert Filodrammatika Gallery / Drugomore, Rijeka, Croatia

05.31.16 Concert Atelier Neue Musik, 20hr – HFK, Dechanachstrasse, Bremen

05.23-24.16 Concert Occam IX dans le cadre du colloque international Eliane Radigue, la Sorbonne Paris

03.18.16 Sparrows and Ortolans – Duo performance with James Fei – The Lab – San Francisco, CA

02.18.16 Timeless Motion Performance with Jeanne Liotta – SOMArts, San Francisco, CA

02.17.16 Screening of Sara Eliassen’s A Blank Slate, preceded by performance at Kadist Foundation San Francisco, CA


12.18.15 CROMT Concert & Seminar – University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom

12.2.15 Goldsmith University, London – UK premiere of OCCAM IX

Radigue-Sonami working on OCCAM IX. (Photo: rsitoy)

07.11.15-08.02.15 Installation Sonore: Le parcours du Labyrinthe Sonore – Eliane Radigue & Laetitia Sonami, Fondation Cartier, Paris

06.01.15  Concert with Eliane Radigue: the last of the lady’s glove Fondation Cartier, Paris, France

05.06.15 Performance, Amershams Arms – London, England

04.12.15 Palo Alto Art Center, 1:30pm & 3:30pm – Sound Catcher, a sound environment for Kate Short’s The Oculus

04.10.15 7pm Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History Performance w/ Jacqueline Gordon

03.19.15 Little Nickys, Oakland, 9:30pm – Sparrows and Ortolans (duo with James Fei)

01.08.15-01.30-15 Glamorgeddon at SOMARTSinstallation of Beauty Sessions-I and closing performance (01.30.15)


03.01.14 The Uptown, Oakland, CA – Opening for Negativland, 9pm

03.20.14 Brown University Solo Concert – Providence, RI

04.25-26.14 The Promise of a City Conference Report on 2011-2012 Rijeka public sound art projects – Rijeka, Croatia

04.30.14 ROULETTE – “Some birds…” NYC premiere of Radigue OCCAM IX, duo with James Fei

06.07-08.14 Sonami-Radigue – Performance and Collaborative sound installation at La Marberie, Montreuil.

07.02.14 Key performer at NIME, London, England


– San Francisco Art Institute Performance in Design + Technology Salon with Andrew Benson VIDEO: Part of Magnetic Memories in the Age of the Oracle – San Francisco, CA

ElectroMediascope at Nelson Atkins Museum – Sonami premieres Paul Demarinis’sTunnel of Love (created for Sonami), and Birds without feet cannot Land (for magnetic coils and bird), and live film Sheepwoman with SUE-C

05.04.13 The Lab, SF – Sparrows and Ortolans Duo with James Fei

05.28.13 Musaramix Festival, Jerusalem – Birds without Feet Cannot Land Solo Performance

06.18.13 STEIM, Amsterdam – Sparrows and Ortolans: Duo with James Fei

08.01.13 SOMARTS, San Francisco, CA. Pacific Convergence: Mixed Reality. Performance with Jacqueline Gordon “… something about magnetic extraction”

09.13.13 SFEMF, Brava Theatre – San Francisco – premiere of OCCAM IX – created by/with Eliane Radigue

11.05.13 Visiting Artist Lecture at Carnegie Mellon University Swallowing my Ears in Dreams of Wires

11.16.13 Mills College Concert – Sparrows and Ottolans Duo with James Fei

11.18.13 Your presence is required. Lecturer at ATC – UC Berkeley, California.

11.19.13 Concert with James Fei and John Bischoff – Oakland New Life Ministry, Oakland, CA


– Rijeka, Croatia. Selected by the Musagetes Foundation

03.22.12 Film Salon: Within-Without. Performance with Andrew Benson, Kent Long and Venessa O’Neill – San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

03.16.12 CNMAT Performance with James Fei. Premiere of my new instrument!

01.28.12 YBCA In context of Gina Osterloh’s installation. Performance in collaboration with Jacqueline Gordon.

01.15.12 Amnesia, Performance (with the old lady) – San Francisco, CA.

BAM/PFA – performance/installation with Paul DeMarinis

9.30.11 TRANSITIO Festival. Sheepwoman with SUE-C – Mexico City, Mexico

04-05.11 Selected by the Musagetes Foundation to realize a project in the city of Rijeka. Click here for INFO – Rijeka, Croatia

05.26.11 Petcha Kutcha – Opatja, Croatia

05.08.11 Peek & Poke Performance – Rijeka, Croatia

04.08-27.11 Sounds of War installation as part of Spread-Off show of Bay Area conceptual artists – SOMArts, San Francisco, CA

04.22-29.11 A collaboration with Jocelyn Robert under the auspices of the Kunst Radio – Vienna, Austria


21 Grand – Oth collective closing night

03.14.2010 – Berlin Wie es ihr gefaellt Festival

04.03.2010 Thingamajigs – Pacific Exchange @ 21 Grand, Oakland

04.08.2010 – University of the Arts, Philadephia, CA

04.15.2010 San Francisco SFMOMA, with Sue-C

04.27.2010 Princeton, NJ

04.29.2010 Issue Project Room, NYC

05.07.2010 Berkeley Art Museum

06.28.2010 New Instruments for Improvisation and Experimental Approach (panel / concert), Here – NYC

07.10.2010 Thrice Festival, Bard -NYC

08.30-9.3.10 Artists Leading Artist – exhibit, Swell Gallery-SFAI

09.18.2010 2010 01SJ Biennal, San Jose-CA “Sheepwoman” with SUE-C

10.1-3.2010 Filament-EMPAC, RPI-NY “Sheepspace” with SUE-C

10.27.2010 CSUSM-CA, Sheepwoman with SUE-C

11.16.2010 reiheM-Cologne


10.17.09 New York Electronic Art Festival
9.4.09 festival @ The Lab, SF
8.29.09 @ Slaughterhouse , Healdsburg
5.21.09 @Resbox, LA
4.8.09 @ The Knockout, SF
4.2.09 to 4.5.09 LACE, LA Premiere of Sheepwoman with Sue Costabile (live film performance)
2.13.09 MM10 – Quebec – Solo performance: “A historical moment…” + “What Happened (once more)”
2.12.09 17hrs Musee National des Beaux Arts. Quebec (solo performance + presentation)


11.10.08 -11.22.08 Oberlin College – Workshops and Concert on 11.15
10.17.08 Streaming Objects @Shanghai eArts Festival Premiere of “A Historical Moment on a line between A and B”
10.4.08 Nexmap, SF – Premiere of “Sonogram” w/Sue-C.
6.18.08 Steim, Amsterdam: concert
4.28.08 University of Reno, Nevada – concert & lectures.
2.19.08 Casa Encendida, Madrid: “I.C.You” with Sue-C.
01.18.08 Women on the Way Festival @ The Garage – SF
01.15.08 Wexner Art Center – Public Lecture


12.02.07 New Music Circle concert- St Louis, MI

11.17.07 Mills College concert- Lisser Hall – Oakland, CA

10.26.07 Custom Control @ EMPAC, RPI – w/ Sue Costabile

10.24.07 UC Irvine w/ Sue Costabile

10-11.07 David Tudor Composer in Residence at Mills College

10.05.07 Ego Park, Oakland:“I.C.You” w/ Sue Costabile

09.29.08 Thingamajigs Festival – 21 Grand, Oakland

04.24.07 Smith College – solo

04.21.07 MIT- Killian Hall, Boston @ 9pm – with Joel Ryan

04.20.07 Boston Museum School of Fine arts (lecture)

04.19.07 – Roulette-NYC,with Sue C.

02.24&25.07 OpenPort Festival – Chicago

02.16.07 The Game is up! Vooruit Festival, Gent – I.C.You with Sue Costabile


10.19.07-12.31.06 “Sounds of War” installation @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF

08.11.06 Montalvo Arts Center “Starry, Starry Nights” – 8 pm Performance with Sue Costabile in Carriage House & Light installation in the park, followed by demo/workshop.

08.08.06 – ISEA – Live Cinema Nights @ Club Glo, 10:30pm – I.C.You performance w/ Sue Costabile

05.28.06 – San Francisco International Film Festival at Kabuki, SF. I.C.You live film performance w/ Sue Costabile

05.06.06 UCSC DANM festival. With Sue Costabile & John Bischoff

03.21.06 Philadephia. New Instrument Panel

03.8-9.06SHARE festival – Turin – solo concert

02.10.06 Activating the Medium Festival-SF. Live film performance with Sue Costabile


12.03.05 Outer Ear Festival – Chicago

11.28.05-12.03.05 Art institute of Chicago

11-12-05 Vancouver – Vancouver New Music – Concert with Jocelyn Robert & Sue Costabile, video

09.15.05-10.15.05 Lucas Artist Residency at Montalvo, Saratoga,CA

08.14.05 Lincoln Center Out of Doors – Homemade Instruments day – Installation of “Electronic Pink Bird Shadows” on the Reflective Pond- 2-6 pm

05.26.05 NIME concert, Vancouver, 7:30pm

05.02.05 Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam with Michel Waisvisz, FXRandomiz & Joseph Suchy

04.16.05 Forum Neues Musiktheater, Stuttgart – solo concert 8pm

04.09.05 Mills College, Oakland – Concert with Steim, 7:30pm

04.08.05 – The Lab, SF concert with Steim, 8pm


11.21.04 8:30 pm “Everyone gets lighter” – John Giorno Poetry festival at the new Ruben Museum of Art, NYC concert

11.13.04 DEAF, Rotterdam concert

10.26.04 Solo Concert @ UGA, Georgia postponed to spring

10.07-10.04 Sounds like Now Festival @ LaMama, NYC* Concert * participation cancelled

09.09.04-11.06.04 @ Walter and McBean Galleries (SFAI-800 Chestnut St., SF) Installation of “Wire Rap II: Amnesia” for wires and sound.

6.28-7.10 04 Bard College

6.7-6.18 04 Ucross Foundation Residency

6.21.04 Installation @ Chapel of the Chimes – Oakland

6.05.04 Concert in LA (w. Kadet Kuhne, David Kendall & Mark Trayle) POSPTPONED

5.29.04 Sounding Guangzhou Festival, Guangzhou-China w. Randy Yau, Scott Arford, Infrasound, Dajuin Yao and Minjie Zhong

5.20.04 Concert @ Red Play House- Taipei, TAIWAN (w.randy yau, scott arford, carl stone, francisco lopez and many others)

5.7.04 5 pm Lecture @ SFAI free

4-25-04 Lecture/panel – part of MIXING IT UP! the interactive project: activated environments and hybrid instruments at The Great Hall of The Cooper Union, 7 East 7th Street, NYC.

4.15-16.04 California State University of San Marcos Solo concert, lecture and workshop

2.28.04 The Lab, SF: The Empire Ultra (in* concert* with Fuzzy Bunny, Wigband, the Barionics and more…

)2.7.04 Chelsea Art Museum, 1pm – Lecture

2.5.04 NYC -Roulette @ Symphony Space / Thalia 96th & Broadway, 8pm. Solo Concert

1.31.04 LA: Red Cat @ the New Walt Disney Concert Hall – CEAIT festival – Concert


November 14 & 15 8pm -solo perf. CNMAT, Berkeley, CA.

November 1-6 Sounding Beijing Festival, Beijing, China

Saturday, June 21, Installation of ” Where are you now? (plastic, wood and silver)” @ Chapel of the Chimes 5 to 9 pm 4499 Piedmont Ave. For information, call New Music Bay Area at (415) 563-6355, ex. 3 or

May 2 8pm @Venue 9 / SF – The 6th Annual Music For People & Thingamajigs Festival (also performing: Dylan Bolles, Jorge Boehringer and Eric King, &Eric Glick Rieman)

April 24 & 25 CNMAT / UC Berkeley- Solo concerts. POSTPONED TO FALL 2003!

April 24 – 4pm Lecture/presentation at UC Berkley presented by the Consortium for the Arts.

April 21-23 In residence at UC Santa Barbara / Primavera Festival – Solo openeing performance on the 21st @ Lotte Lehman Hall.April 10, 6-9pm The Lab-SF (Flash! group concert curated by Josefa Vaughan)

March 10-15 CalArts Residency – (Performance in MOD theatre, March 12)

Feb.20-26 Barcelone: Completion of Lady’s Glove (#5) w/ Bert Bongers


Jan.16, 18 & 19 Music for “331 steps” by choreographer Molissa Fenley at the Joyce Theatre (Altogether Different Festival) NYC-premiere

Sat. Jan 12 4-6 pm Performance at Apex Gallery, NYC (split bill with Kaffe Matthews)

Fri. Jan 18 Metronom-Barcelone, perf. (split bill with Jonathan Impett) – others on festival include Bert Bongers/Yolanda Harris, F.M. Uitti, M. Waisvisz…tel: (+34) 93-2684298

March 3rd – May 18 Biennales Musique – Musée Art Contemporain de Lyon – France (Roulette series)

May 1st–w/ California EAR Unit / LACMA,LA: “A Blind Ride”

May 22 University of California, Irvine – Winifred Hall, 8pm: “Birds without Feet (cannot land)” – solo

June 14 Angelico Concert Hall Dominican University of California in San Rafael, CA- Split bill w/ Pamela Z * 8 p.m Tickets: $10 at the door, general admission

June 21, 5-8pm Site- specific installation: “Conversation with a light bulb” @ Chapel of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont Ave.Oakland, CA (Sound-activated filament)

June 22 ELECTRIC WORDS FESTIVAL, Venue 9, SF – 8:00 PM 252 9th Street, San Francisco Admission $10 to $15 sliding scale“

August 29-September 28 “Celebration, 2002”, a site-specific installation at Walter and McBean Gallery, SF (for automated rubber gloves, sound and flags). 800 Chestnut Ave., SF (part of the SFAI 2002 Faculty exhibition: A chance operation)- Tuesday – Saturday 11-6pm – 415/749 4507

September 18 – Oct.19 BAGS! an installation at New Langton Arts, San Francisco, in collaboration with Nick Bertoni, the Tinkers Workshop and East Bay Youth. Reception Sept 19 6-8pm

September 28 – Post-Glamour Summit 2002 performance with Fuzzy Bunny, WIGband, Helen Prince, Barrionics and Terri Hanlon – 8pm New Langton Arts – SFDates of presentation TBA: Theatre collaboration w/ Jocelyn Robert & Emile Morin