Bremen-final project in container harbor


Mills College Visiting Adjunct Professor, Music Dept (2018-21)

(Practicum and Tutorials (2007-2018)

Bard MFA Summer Program, Music Dept (2004-2019)

Hochschule fur Kunste (HFK), Bremen, Germany – DAAD Guest professor in Performance (April-Sept 2016)

VIEW FILM of Final Project

  • The Performance Novel
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier
  • Tutorials

San Francisco Art Institute – Senior Guest Lecturer (1999-2017)

  • Critique Seminars and Tutorials
  • The Sonic Selfie
  • Activating the Now
  • Silence!
  • Sonic Occupation
  • Techno Performance
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier
  • Bodies as Sonic Messengers
  • Studio for Sound Strategies
  • Beyond Looking: Sound Spaces, Sound Cultures

Lectures and Workshops

1992-Present: Harvard University, Peabody Conservatory, Stanford CCRMA, McGill University, Goldsmith University, UC Berkeley ATC, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon, Oberlin College, Wexner Art Center, MIT, Columbia College,Vassar College, Princeton University, CalArts, Steim Institute/Amsterdam, Tinkers Workshop, UC Irvine, Kansas Art Inst., Lincoln Center Outdoors Festival: Home-made instruments day, Obscure/ Quebec, Simon Frazer U/ Vancouver, UC Berkeley, Bennington College, Rensselaer Polytechnicum Institute, Art Institute of Chicago, Randolph Street Gallery/ Chicago, Mills College/ Oakland, IRCAM-Académies d’été Paris, Music Dept-UC San Diego, Touring Lecturer at Melbourne Univ., Canberra Inst. of the Arts, Sydney Conservatory, Australia (dates provided upon request).